Great Pyramid of Giza Scalded by German Teenager

An 18 year old German teenager named Andrej Ciesielski managed to climb up to the top of the great pyramid also known as the pyramid of Cheops, scalding this 4,500 year old structure in roughly 8 minutes.

So as I was quite interested to know how the fuck did this kid from Munich climbed up this pyramid, which you’d think is at least protected or something, I started digging a little bit deeper…

Turns out he waits until the police or security were not looking, he puts his headphones on and runs up the side of the monolith…like that’s it? Dude! How!? This guy climbed a pyramid the same way I used to steal bubble gum from 7/11 as a kid!

He was arrested of course.

Yet he managed to get a couple of sick pictures which I’d have to admit are rare since these views are barely seen from the zenith of the stone monolith. Here are some of them:


Funny thing is that after he was arrested by the police, he was held for an hour answering questions and was released. HE WAS RELEASED.



What’s it like to be a polyglot on steroids

Alright, lets talk talk about Timothy Doner, a 20 year old New Yorker who has mastered over 20 languages mainly through interactions with the vast majority of people from different countries at the Big Apple. He was named by The Economist and The New York Times for being “the world’s youngest hyper polyglot.”

11026115_714437512002569_3658928465451401625_nAs someone who has always been fascinated by Tims’s success, I began researching him even more, beyond just the interview and youtube videos he posts every now and then. I shortly realized that if there was one thing necessary for learning a foreign language, it would be dedication. Something seen quite a lot with Tim. During an episode of Ted Talks, Tim managed to amaze the audience as he introduced them to his world of linguistics. Initially, he mentions how learning a language off a book could cause complications at times, as some phrases could be quite confusing in some cases when translated into english or any other language. He used Farsi as an example, stating how some sayings would leave you wondering for days when you do not understand the culture and reasoning behind it. I was for one amazed by how Tim took the audience through details of linguistics, explaining certain rooting of the words and how there are many of them similar in origin that could make language learning essentially easier since it would make the dialogue relatable and fun to analyze. As someone who speaks Farsi, English and broken German, I’d have to say that I am amazed by how far Tim has gone as a language master, a self-taught polyglot.

Tim is currently a second year student at Harvard and has a youtube channel which has received over 4.5 million views. He also has a Facebook page which has close to 30,000 likes.

You go Tim!


Yukon: We all need the D’ Public health ad


This public health ad in Yukon started controversies as “the D” which essentially meant “vitamin D” was interpreted differently by many (No shit), followed by the campaign getting lots of online attention and government pulling it down from its website. Initially, the campaign published photos such as the one above with slogans like “we all need the D, even me!” online and on the buses around Whitehorse.

My favourite:


I mean come on! look at this shit! (“points to the government for not limiting itself to a heteronormative sense of humour, though it loses points for the hints of…bestiality”) 

You need the D, I need the D, we all need the D! Now back to the serious stuff about the D:

Patricia Living, director of communications for the department of health and social services, said the ad’s slogan was intended to catch people’s attention “However, what was considered a cheeky, risqué message to draw in attention was escalated, taking the campaign into graphic areas that were never intended.” No shit!

I mean it did catch people’s attention! It had us question ourselves. Personally I was all confused seeing the ads. I mean how do we do the D? How much D does one need to take per day? Where can I get some good D? Can I take the D with food or does it have to be in the morning before breakfast? I mean don’t wanna mess up the D specially since I need it so much. Goddamn it this D life is too hard.